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Transformative Teacher Training Course (200hrs)

Yoga Teacher Training, Level  200 

Yoga Teacher Training Program, 200 hours


Bahiranga Yoga, Foundation Level:

Transformative Teacher Training Course  


"Yoga is the culture of tomorrow" 

Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati  



The curriculum has been approved  by the International Organization of Yoga Alliance USA (RYS 200).
Program Start:  November 2017



What you will learn:

Teaching techniques

  Practice teaching methodology (asana) 

  Methodology for teaching respiratory practices 

  Mind Management Techniques and Developing Discipline and Concentration (Raja Yoga)

  Relaxation & meditation techniques 

  The structure of a lesson

  Ways to be effective teachers

  The use of voice, touch, posture

  Posture assessments, how to see and understand the needs of their bodies     


  The purpose and use of the aids (bricks, straps, pillows, etc.).

   Corrective settings with the contact  in the bodies of students.


Physiology - Anatomy

Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, use 3D animation softwares to effectively understand the functions of the human body.

  Anatomy elements (musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, etc.)

  Elements of neurology

  Correlation of physiology with yoga practices (asana - breathing)

  Scientific approach to practices: asana, breathing, relaxation, meditation

  Presentation of modern international scientific studies on yoga (Yoga Research)


Yogic lifestyle


  Shatkarmas - Jala Neti Detoxification Techniques


  The importance of sadhana (personal spiritual practice) in the life of the teacher


Professional tools

  The profession of yoga teacher in practice (tax, insurance, business plan)

  Lifelong communication - forum. An open communication channel for Nada Yoga Place teachers,  

   where they can network and find answers to teaching questions.

  Possibility of continuing studies for the acquisition  higher education level of 500 hours  




Curriculum Structure 


The program consists of 4 categories of education.

The structure and time structure of these categories enable the acquisition of knowledge, experience and deepening in yogic practices and yogic philosophy

Successful completion of all 4 categories leads to the acquisition of the certificate:

"Transformative bahiranga Yoga Teacher 200 hour - RYT 200"


Education Category - Hours

1) Theoretical - Interactive Teaching 152h

Classes are held on weekends and from 09:00 to 18:00 at the Nada Yoga place  the following dates of 2017  - 2018: 

25-26 [11], 09-10  [12], 13-14  [01], 24-25  [02], 17-18  [03], 14-15 [04], 26-28 [05], 22  [09]


2) Direction - Specialization Program 30 h

The trainee chooses a field of direction or specialization of his / her interest and continues his / her training on it. These programs  They are NOT included in the cost of the program.


3) Practice 18h

During the training, attend-participate in beginner level yoga classes as assistants or teachers.


4) Sadhana - Guided Personal Practice 125 h

You are provided with 125 free Sadhana hours (included in addition to  the internship program) and monitoring and guidance of your personal internship by the program trainers.  Sadhana hours are not intended for the 200 hours of the basic level of teacher training - RYT 200.

TOTAL 200h



Direction - Specialization Program


The trainee chooses a field of direction or specialization of his / her interest and continues his / her training by attending the specialized program that will lead him / her to the completion of the yoga teacher training program. Specialization programs have  duration  30 hours. The trainee can do a combination of specialization programs  of Nada Yoga place  of which in addition, and after completing the  200 hours of basic training will lead to its acquisition  higher certificate of 500 hours.


These programs are:  (click on titles for information)

After completing the 200hrs level:


Practical training

The program includes 18 hours of practice in beginner yoga classes that you can attend at the Nada Yoga place in Nea Smyrni, as assistant teachers. These hours must be completed by the end of the program. Your role will be to observe the teacher and the method of teaching. You will participate in the teaching when you are instructed and you will attend the work and the management of the Nada Yoga place.


Sadhana - Guided Personal Practice

Sadhana is made to achieve inner experience and fulfill a specific purpose. It includes asanas, breathing techniques, meditation, mantra chanting, self-observation and self-improvement techniques. Practice is called to apply daily and give feedback. The Santana program is offered for free.




Michalis Evangelidis / Mahatman  E-RYT 500

Physiotherapist,  Yoga Therapist Cert. (763 hrs),  Diploma in Satyananda Yoga Training (1500hrs) - Australia, Instructor trained in Satyananda Yoga (365hrs), Clinical Yoga Therapist,  Owner Nada Yoga place.

Despina Koukidou / Shambhavi E-RYT 200

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course - 200h,  Bahiranga Restorative Yoga (120hrs),  Bahiranga Yoga Advanced Training (300 hrs),  Anatomy of the asana - Methodology of class planing (60 hrs),  Owner Ganesha Yoga Studio.

Maria Kalaitzaki / Satyam E-RYT 200, RCYT

Instructor trained in Satyananda Yoga, Paiania - 365hrs,  Yoga for Cancer Survivors Certificate, London - 150 hrs, Co-owner Nada Yoga place.

Maria Polydorou / Matrika E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course - 200h, Thai Yoga Massage-80h, Anatomy of the asana - Methodology of class planning (60 hrs), Bahiranga Restorative Yoga (120hrs), Bahiranga Yoga Advanced Training (300hrs).


Conditions for participation in NYp-TTC

At least 1 year of practice in yoga.

Registration Form

Interview with the head of the Mahatman training program (Michalis Evangelidis)

Advance payment of the amount of 300 € for the registration and reservation of a place in the program.


Participation fee

Basic level 170 hours = 1600 € +  specialization program

The above price includes the monitoring and guidance of your personal practice (santana) 125 hours, internship and printed material (notes).

Does not include the cost of buying books, specialization program.

Possibility of payment in installments.

special offer

Until October 2017, discount of the amount: 1500 € 

* The above prices do not include VAT 24%


Register your participation in time because places are limited.

For more information please contact us.

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