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​Πώς εξελισσόμαστε στη χάθα γιόγκα


  • Familiarity  with more advanced asana practices,  pranayama

  • Familiarity with the practices of mantras

  •   Focus on deep muscle groups

  • Develop awareness  feelings and thoughts in practice

  • Balancing the flow of energy in the two main energy channels

  • Unloading of deeper mental tensions 

Suitable for those who have practiced at least one year in Mindful Yoga I

Following Hatha's lesson structure, initial relaxation is also included  the acquaintance with the mantras, sound vibrations with beneficial effects on body and mind. The most advanced asanas are accompanied by a direction of awareness on more and more subtle levels. Self-observation is a major component of practice leading us slowly to self-awareness. In pranayama practices, we now deal with techniques for managing vitality levels in the body and become familiar with pranayama  activation, relaxation  or balancing. The practice of yoga nidra at the end includes sections  of integrated practice, such as visions, which the practitioner is now ready to follow without losing consciousness, unburdening even deeper levels of the mind.


Chakra Yoga

Ιδανική για έμπειρους ασκούμενους, ή δασκάλους γιόγκα από οποιοδήποτε σύστημα που επιθυμούν να εμβαθύνουν στην πρακτική τους.

Η δομή του μαθήματος ακολουθεί σταθερά τη δομή των μαθημάτων της Hatha Yoga. Η διαφορά έγκειται στο επίπεδο της επίγνωσης που τώρα κατευθύνεται στα chakra. Τα chakra είναι οι κόμβοι όπου συναντιούνται τρία nadis, ροές ενέργειας, σαν τη σύζευξη τριών ποταμών. Όλες οι πρακτικές σχετίζονται με αυτά, mantra, asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha και διαλογιστικές πρακτικές.

Το τμήμα αυτό διακρίνεται πάλι σε επίπεδα. Στο πρώτο επίπεδο ασχολούμαστε με πρακτικές για το κάθε chakra χωριστά, που στόχο έχουν την εξισορρόπηση της ενέργειας και τον εξαγνισμό των chakra. Σε δεύτερο χρόνο ασχολούμαστε με συνολικές πρακτικές ενεργοποίησης κι αφύπνισης της πρωταρχικής ενέργειας της kundalni shakti. Στο μάθημα αυτό εισάγεται για πρώτη φορά η έννοια της sadhana. H sadhana είναι η προσωπική πρακτική στην οποία πειθαρχεί κάποιος με ίδια πρωτοβουλία και ίδιο στόχο.



Our body is in a constant process of restoring balance.

Restorative Yoga aims to help activate or enhance it  of its self-healing mechanisms. It is ideal for those who face musculoskeletal issues, pain of various etiologies or  recover from some surgery. Restorative Yoga can work extremely well with complementary therapies  for cancer or autoimmune disease.

For introduction to these  sections are always preceded by a personal meeting, the completion of an extensive health questionnaire and a body evaluation. In case it is judged that it is not suitable for the trainee  to join a department, the individual course is recommended until it can  to join safely. In a quiet and safe environment, under the healing sounds of mantra, cymbals and Indian harmonium, with the narration of didactic stories and myths, the practitioner relaxes, allowing the immune system to be activated,  he becomes aware of his body,  of his functions and his mental attitude towards all this and finally retrains his brain and mind  of.   It is also suitable for experienced practitioners who may for some time feel weak or want to work on recovery.  



  • Postural training

  • Restoration of imbalances in the various systems of the body

  • Nervous system retraining and pain management practices

  • Complementary to treatments for cancer or autoimmune diseases

  • Postoperative rehabilitation

  • Activation and stimulation of the body's self-healing mechanisms


Candlelight Restorative Yoga

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