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Prana Reliever

Suitable for those familiar with the Hatha Yoga Intermediate level

In this lesson we expand our awareness even more. Mantra, asana, pranayama, meditation are used for the above purpose. By adding more subtle practices, mudra and bandha - gestures and energy locks - we become aware of the expression of vital energy, prana, in our body. Increasing the stay in each posture, accompanied by the stimulating sound of mantras accompanied by Indian harmonium releases the flow of energy in our body, the obstacles are removed and we see our body transform and do things we did not think it could!  


  • Familiarity with mudras and  bandhas

  • Emphasis on the development of fascia elasticity

  • Awareness of prana

  • Release the flow of prana

  • Develop a sense of self-worth

Ideal for those familiar with Hatha Yoga Beginners practices

The lesson follows the structure of Hatha Yoga lessons but is enriched with the beneficial vibrations of the sounds of mantra and  of kirtan, which is part of Nada Yoga.  Nada Yoga and Kirtan are yoga disciplines that are made up of  techniques with sounds and vibrations.

Mantra recitation is a science that has been developed and perfected in India for hundreds of years. The Sanskrit alphabet (mantra) has a healing effect on the body.

Kirtan is the mantra or the eternal sound. It is an art with which we not only express our feelings but penetrate deep inside us bypassing the influence of the intellect to experience our inner universe.
With the emotional energy created through kirtan you can go beyond the conscious mind.


  • It opens the "heart" and purifies the atmosphere

  • It relaxes and stimulates our energy, frees us from tension and stress (high pressure, headache, etc.)

  • It evokes a feeling of joy and peace of mind

  • It frees from fears, nerves, oppression  

  • Enhances blood circulation

  • Reconstructs the pranic flow

Hatha & Nada Yoga

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