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Rajmeet Kaur 

Katerina Karasmani

Katerina Karasmani / Rajmeet Kaur graduated from the Higher Vocational School of Dance "Rallou Manou" in 2004 and started working as a dance teacher and dancer  while continuing her studies in movement with seminars of contemporary dance, improvisation, modern jazz, repertoire, ballet, physical theater, pilates and yoga at LABAN (UK) and the Vienna International Dance Festival (Impulstanz).


Then he felt the need to go deeper into the body relationship,  mind and soul.  This need was met by yoga and so in 2006-2007 he attended the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the "Yoga and Budo Center" (Yoga Alliance RYT 300) with Andreas Proveleggios.  Continuing the search he participates in anusara yoga seminars with Desiree Rumbaugh, BJ Galvan, Todd Tesen, Vivi Letsou and yoga therapy & anatomy with Martin Kirk and Maja Zilih, philosophy of yoga with Carlos Pomeda. Deepening in meditation, he attends 20-hour seminars in Raja Yoga, Pranayama-Mundra-Bhanda and Chakras anatomy with  Swami Nirvikalpa. In 2011-2012 he attends the international Kundalini Yoga teacher training program "The Aquarian teacher" (level 1, RYT 200) as taught by Yogi Bhajan certified by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI 200h). Her interest in Kundalini Yoga continues as in 2013 she continues her teacher training program  at level 2 and attends many postgraduate seminars in Greece and France (European Kundalini Yoga Festival).  


She has been teaching yoga since 2007 and continues to enrich her knowledge on this path.  encouraging her students to connect with their deeper spiritual selves in practice  and expand  this potential in their daily lives.

Recognized  training programs


  • Hatha Yoga teacher training at the "Yoga and Budo Center"                (Yoga Alliance RYT 300)  with Andreas Proveleggios.

  • Anusara yoga with Desiree Rumbaugh, BJGalvan, Todd Tesen, Vivi Letsou

  • Yoga therapy & anatomy  with Martin Kirk and  Maja Zilih

  • Raja Yoga, Pranayama-Mundra-Bhanda 

  • Anatomy of the chakras  with  the  Swami Nirvikalpa

  • Kundalini Yoga International Teacher Training Program “The Aquarian teacher”   (level 1, 2, RYT 200) as taught by  the  Yogi Bhajan, certified by  the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI 200h)




  • Yoga seminar  in LABAN (Great Britain)

  • Philosophy of yoga with Carlos Pomeda

  • Postgraduate seminars in Greece and France (European Kundalini Yoga Festival)

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