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Georgia Ziakka  

I was born in Athens in 1989, where I completed my studies in Obstetrics. During my studies I was fascinated by the physiology of the human body, the anatomy of the female body and how it is created to conceive and give birth to new life.

As a midwife I deal with parenting preparation and  obstetric care in the maternity ward. Every birth brings a sense of insecurity, of personal redefinition for potential parents.  My purpose in every contact with the couple is the mental euphoria of the parents to enjoy the birth with confidence, with responsibility, care, security and above all with love.

I also work as a volunteer at the Hellenic Cancer Society for free Pap tests and I collaborate with Ganesha Yoga Studio for the seminars "We are a couple, we become parents" and "I am always a woman".  

My contact with yoga started in 2014, through my need to connect with the present and it is evolving into a functional lifestyle for me to this day. Combined with my knowledge in Obstetrics it helps me understand my body and its changes  and how I can manage them better.



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