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Evi Paschalis

Prakriti was born and raised in Athens. He studied Business Administration at BCA College and worked in business. For several years he retired from  the professional space and devoted her care to the upbringing of her two children.

In her need for self-improvement and introspection, she crossed paths with Yoga in 2007. She considers herself lucky because she studied alongside teachers such as Swami Nirvikalpananda (Olga Alexiou) and Mahatman (Michalis Evangelidis) and since then she has been following  the tradition of Yoga and the practices of meditation.

Then, wanting to delve deeper into the philosophy of Yoga, he proceeded to the training of yoga teachers, attending programs  such as :


- Transformative Teacher Training  200hrs 

- Restorative Yoga  120hrs

- The Healing Aspects of Yoga 300hrs

- Chakra  Yoga 20hrs

- Pranic Healing - Basic & Advanced level


She mentions Yoga as a "window" that showed her a world  with a new perspective, full of freedom, power  and opportunities to get to know better and get in touch with the inside  of self. This is emphasized in her lessons, so that Yoga becomes a way of daily life and personal development and through  new planning, the yogic way of life and thinking to follow the practitioner outside the yoga mat.

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